1. The first rule of “SpiteClub” is you don’t talk about “SpiteClub”.
  2. The date for the final table will be determined at the beginning of the season. It must be played within 2 weeks of week 10.
  3. All games will be played at the Grant residence unless stated at the table the week prior.
  4. Each seat at the table will be marked with a card starting with an ace and ending with the number of players. As players arrive they will blindly draw a card from a deck containing the exact same cards in a different suit to determine their position at the table. The player drawing the ace will start the dealing.
  5. Games will commence at 7:15pm sharp. If you are late your hand will be dealt and your blinds will be folded until you arrive. If you are not going to be there one week please let someone know in advance or get a spare.
  6. Players who know they will be late will have 30 mins to arrive once the blind timer starts running. Once the blinds go up that players chips will be divided among the remaining players evenly.
  7. If some asshole comes for an all-in moment and then leaves his chips will be divided among the other players.
  8. Each player will start with 45 chips. 15 blue($100), 15 green($50), and 15 red($25), a total of $2625.
  9. Blinds will start at 25/50 and the first one is timed for 30 mins. Blinds will increase every 25 minutes after the first round.
  10. If blinds happen to go up at the same player consecutively, timer will be reset, and one more hand will be played before the blinds increase.
  11. During heads up play the blinds will increase every 6 mins. Once again blinds will not increase on the same person consecutively but the timer will restart while the extra hand at the current blind is played.
  12. Should a card become visible at any time during the deal, at the fault of the dealer, cards will be shuffled and re-dealt. If a player exposes a card on the table by mistake, too bad.
  13. No “pre-dealing”. Dealer may only lay cards on the table after all bets are in. This applies to the flop, 4th street, and the river.
  14. Chip and a chair is in effect. If a player is subject to one of the blinds but does not have enough chips to cover the big blind they are considered “All-In” and a side pot will commence.
  15. Side pots welcome on “all in” moments.
  16. Buy-ins will be allowed once per week at any point in the game except heads up. That means the first person out can hang around and wait but if someone else goes out and declares a re-buy right away the first person out is SOL. I also want to make it costly so that it’s not abused too much. Buy-ins will be another $10 and 1 point for $1750 (2/3 of our starting amount). That way the game won’t extend too long and there is some strategy for when to use a buy-in. If 2 or more people go out on the same hand the person leading in chips before the ending hand will have the first option for re-buy. There will be no re-buys on KO week (week 5).
  17. Players will be awarded points depending on how they finish (1st-8, 2nd-6, 3rd-4, 4th-3, 5th-2, 6th-1, 7th-0, 8th-0).
  18. When two people are simultaneously eliminated from a tournament, whoever has the higher chip count at the start of the hand would be awarded the higher place. (The reason for this is to encourage more action and spiteful play. For example the low stack is constantly going all in to get the buy back. Someone with more chips is more likely to call knowing that even if someone with more chips calls after them they are still in the running for the buy back)
  19. Each player must drop their worst two finishes. This basically means you can miss 2 games without penalty. For each absence beyond 2 misses, a point will be deducted and not counted as your worst (A’s then -1 then 0’s).
  20. Any player can now bring in a spare from a previous season to play in their place for weeks that they know they will be absent. If a spare is declared one may be appointed to better the game. Any points or penalties acquired by your spare will count toward your standings. Any money earned by spares will go to the spare.
  21. Each players chip count at the final table will depend on the points they finished with over 10 weeks. 100 points will be added to each players points and then multiplied by 20 and rounded up to the nearest hundred. In addition each player will get the regular season placement points x 100 based on their placement (1st – 800, 2nd – 600, 3rd – 400, 4th – 300, 5th – 200, 6th – 100, 7 & 8 – 0). The formula for a player finishing first with 47 points would look like this: 47 + 100 = 147 x 20 = $2940 rounded up = $3000. Add that to our existing chip count of $2625 = $5625 + an additional $800 for finishing first for a total of $6425. If you compare this to someone finishing last with 20 points their total would be $5025 for a $1400 chip advantage. In the case of a tie it goes by regular season wins and then games played.
  22. Cards will be provided by the house. No outside cards will be allowed.
  23. Chips must be placed out in front of the betting player. The chips must be pushed to the center of the table before cards can be dealt (pre-flop and all subsequent ‘streets’)
  24. Call if you can’t make it.
  25. No hiding cards or chips.
  26. There will be a 1 point penalty if your phone or portable device is visible at the table. You are free to get up from the table and play with your phone at any time without interrupting game play. If you are away from the table your hand will be folded. This applies to all players.
  27. A small FLIP MINO may come out to record some game situations and will not be penalized.
  28. No kids and/or babies at the table during gameplay.
  29. JF clean up after yourself and no praying at the table.