The Home Game

Here is how you join SpiteClub, the home game!

I will set up a game for each week with 6-8 spots per table. Then I will send out an invite to the entire group (12 guys). Whoever can play will register to save their seat. Feel free to just jump into the zoom meeting as well.

We will use play money on the site for those that don’t want to use a credit card on the site. It also keeps them from taking a cut. Part of registering will be sending an e-transfer to my (.org) address the day of the game to confirm your spot ($10). The only downside is you need to have $20,000 play money in your account to register each time. You will have a week and can replenish your account $15,000 every 4 hours so it shouldn’t be an issue.

We will start with $3,000 each blinds (15/30) going up every 20 mins. There will be some scheduled breaks in there as well. I am hoping to do quick games just like the old SpiteClub days.

First download PokerStars on your Desktop or Laptop computer. The home game WILL NOT WORK on mobile devices. Yes, an iPad is a mobile device!

Once you open up the app on your computer there is a link titled “More” close to the bottom right of the lobby. When you hover over it the “Home Games” option is visible.

The next window is where you choose “Join a Poker Club”.

It is here you will need the information I provided including via email, the Club ID and Invitation Code (text me if not sure).

Once you are a part of the club, and I have accepted you on my end, you need to register for the event you would like to participate in. To do that just enter the “Home Games” section after you login and you will see SpiteClub (club #3333618) in your list of “My Poker Clubs”. Double click on that to enter our club page.

Once inside the club page you should see upcoming games listed in the schedule section. To register for an event just highlight the event you want to register for and click the register button.

Let me know if you have any questions. I will also set up an optional Zoom meeting so that we can chat and hang out while we play. If you have a second monitor you can run it at the same time, or download the app and have Zoom on your phone. It works quite well on the phone actually.

You can download the mobile Zoom app here.